Add Users who can access Secure Folder


How do I add additional users to a password protected folder?
I’ve added one. Now I want to add more.



If the option doesn’t appear on 000webhost then you will have to do it the following way :slight_smile:

Step one navigate to the folder you’ve already protected in File Manager

i.e. protectedfolder

Inside this folder you’ll see two files

Open up .htaccess and look for the line

 Require user USERNAME 

If you don’t see this you may see

Require valid-user

If you DO SEE Require valid-user
Then there is nothing else to do for this step.

If you see Require user USERNAME you must change this to

Require valid-user


So now the password/username adding step.

Open up .htpasswd

It should contain


For example

So we want to add more users

Head to this page:

Type in the desired username and password you want to add

It should give you something like newuser1:$apr1$z9F7mvrT$H1haYh4YVmyZFXsqeZs9Y0

Copy and paste it into the file on a NEW line

So the file should now have two lines if it had one before


Save, exit, open a new tab and head to test it - open an incognito tab if it has still kept you logged in from old session.

This will allow you to test the new login details.