Adding Zendesk Chat on your website

Maybe you run an online business selling handmade goods and you want to convert conversations into sales by using an easy to view live chat on your website?

Zopim I’ve used for years and I recommend it well but now called Zendesk chat :octopus:

Head over to their site to get started!

Click on whatever you need requirements wise

Will do fine for this demo :slight_smile:

Type in your information

This is important for answering your chats faster

You now need to place the chat script where you want it to appear - such as - index.html when customers land on your website, or you can embed it on a private page such as membersarea.html when they’ve logged in they can chat only.
I’ll be placing it on every single webpage within my website to allow communication while they are on it.

Now when a visitor hits your website up you’ll see them instantly; you can join any chats freely when they talk to you - or you can even start the conversation first to boost sales too!

It has never been easier to convert potential sales into confirmed sales and long time returning customers.

You can customise what your chat window looks like to the customer, how big it appears on your site, what colour scheme, what images the customer will see etc.

If you took out a plan you can also invent triggers to automatically help you make sales etc!

You can install the mobile client to keep up with your customers on the move!

Android client:

Once installed you can do exactly as you can but in the background of your mobile like Facebook would notify you of a message, Zopim will notify you when a visitor hits your site.

Choose notifications to alert you aswell!