Admin dashboard not loading


Hi ,

I am a newbie in website designing, so i need someone’s help to make it all work again.

My website is It is slow to load, but still can access the website after 6-10 seconds. The real problem comes when trying to access the admin dashboard. I can’t get in here. Once I provide my username and password it just loads and loads. It has been one whole day since this problem started. Everything from my side is fine(My netspeed, correct username and password).

Someone please help me solve this. Thanks in advance


Your website takes a long time to load because you have many wordpress plugins. Try to use a module that can create a .html cache file or disable some plugins that you do not use.


I’m new to html and website design. It would be relly helpful if you could guide me to get it work.

I actually disabled more than 6 plugins lastday. I really think it the actual oblm.Coz i have even used more plugins than I use now, and then there wasn’t any lag, but why now.

I cannot get into the admin dashboard panel . I delete plugins using onlineftp


If you plan to run lots of plugins I’d recommend premium where you will encounter no issues.

Your admin page seems to login fine


I just clicked the link you mentioned above and I am still waiting for it to load.Yes some times the login page loads while won’t load othertime. Even if it load, Id give my login and password to access the dashboard that is where the waiting starts. I tried getting access to dashboard many times , everytime failure is thw result.

I am still waiting for the page to load.


Use this,

Then try again.

Or upgrade of premium as said above…to avoid such issues.