Affiliate help please


I was told to wait and that it takes time to verify active referrals so I waited for another 30+ days. I have been waiting 3+ months with more than 750 referrals pending.

I want someone to verify my referrals ASAP or I will pause my promotions in 7 days from now.

I am using time, money & resources to generate new customers for you and 90+ days later I have received nothing but 13 referrals out of 750+ marked as active. There is no option to e-mail or PM a mod / admin on the forum which is unfortunate but it is extremely frustrating to wait for months while I am providing new customers for you.


@mantas.daraciunas @andrius can you look at this?


Dear @jagnux,

Your referrals become active once all of the following rules are met:

  • has been a member for at least 1 month
  • verified their email address
  • created at least one website
  • website has content
  • website received at least 100 unique visitors within a month
  • none of the created websites had been suspended for TOS violations
  • referral was not created by you (each referral will be checked manually)

After you collect at least 20 active users, you have to create Goal Request. When that’s done, within 30 days we will approve your active users and you will get paid!



The pending referrals are accounts people have created but literally left and done nothing after creating the account - so unless they change their mind come back and make their site that will be pending indefinitely unfortunately!

I have scanned back 2 months with the accounts created being referred by you and only a handful literally are active or at least have a website setup, the rest are blank “welcome to 000webhost” and they have no files :frowning:

Once you’ve got 20 active you can request your goal!