After 5 seconds TCP socket connetion to server closed unexpectedly

I am using esp8266 Node MCU and I am sending AT commands to esp8266, it works as a station ipnot access point, but the problem is that when I connect to the connection closes after 5 seconds before I send anything to this website. If I try with other site it work fine.
this is the commands I am sending


then, after 5 seconds TCP socket connetion to server closed unexpectedly.
Socket connetion timeout I believe, and I can’t send the data using the POST.
It is working with other webservers, it takes 15 seconds to close connetion, but with 000webhost it takes only 5 second.
any configuration or sugestion? or just a limitation and I have to find other free service for my school project?
Thansk in advance

P.S. I can send AT+CIPSEN=204 if I’m realy quick, this is the number of characters I would be sendins in POST, but connection closes any way.

@gatomuitobravo Try removing “www”. As www won’t work for subdomains.

Thanks @akhilkumar332,
I have tryed it, connection closes after 5 seconds, I belive it’s a limitation of free users
Thanks again

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