After reached the DB connection limit now website keep showing wp installation page


I have tried to access my website and is shown wordpress installation page.
Accessing the website panel seems i have reached database connection limit. What the hell is going on? If database reaches connection limit should not appears like a blank database to Wordpress CMS.


Well, it should work again in an hour.


Ok but the db should not appear like some sort of a blank db when the limit is reached or should be allowed to the users to set a custom error page. I have been forced to change the wp core to avoid my website to show the WP installation page when the limit is applied, this isn’t good.


Wait a second, there should be an error message saying "User xxxxx has reached 15000 queries per hour limit. "


If I wait some second the site stucks and redirects me to WP installation seems hosting doesn’t handle correctly the restriction and WP CMS sees an empty db when the limit is applied.


Alright, hope it solves soon. :slight_smile:


More than an hour has passed but. I continue to see the same error. User has exceeded the ‘max_queries_per_hour’ resource (current value: 15000).

Now after I have entered in my panel logging in PhpMyAdmin suddenly become active again… Isn’t supposed to be recovered automatically with no re-login in PhpMyAdmin ???

AGAIN User has exceeded the ‘max_queries_per_hour’ resource (current value: 15000).
And is impossible that I have reached the limit again with no usage. Something weird is happening.


Hey @SMH17

It seems your wordpress site using lots of queries per hour. 000webhost has limits on queries because we just provide a free, testing platform.

Personally, I had this problem few months ago, and the reason was, I had put a query inside a loop. (However I didn’t use wordpress). You can check whether your wordpress code has something like that or contact wordpress support in their site.

However, we have seen that this error occurs depending on how wordpress uses the db. So, If you have a big WP project, the only way is upgrading to hostinger.


The limit on the queries amount isn’t new, and I haven’t done changes that could have increased the number of database queries. Yesterday this limit behaved very strangely with the db inaccessible and then available after an instant and again inaccessible.