Am getting 400 error every time i try to submit form


am getting this error

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
The number of request header fields exceeds this server’s limit.

every time I try to login to my website, the login form was working good this error start to show right after I used Cloudflare on my website this is my website

I tried clearing my browser cache and cookies and I also purged Cloudflare cache and cleared the DNS of my PC but still the same problem


Use flexible SSL in cloudflare.


i am using ssl flexable i removed cloudflare the problem disappeared now i insttaled it again and the problem return


i downloaded firefox browser and the website works fine on it the problem is on my chrome


Your website works fine for me over HTTPS. Try clearing your browser cache. If it does not fix, try DNS flush.


for some reason the problem just not there anymore after i deleted my website from cloudflare and used it again. my website works fine now.


If you use WordPress have you tried installing


Two users had a 400 issue when submitting recently both using CF one had MyBB and the other had WordPress.