Am i doing right?


Hello, i have my own domain from freenom and i want to park my 000webhost site to my own domain, it’s already 1 day and it’s still “Waiting for name servers”. i already search guide from this forum and already following the steps. but it said still waiting. am i doing this right or not? thanks in advance.


Yes you need to make sure FREENOM has the correct nameservers and and that FREENOM is saving them and updating them.

When I check out it doesn’t respond to ping nor a traceroute, when I check the DNS records I don’t see any records from pointing to yet?

Once you make sure FREENOM is pointing your domain to the nameservers correctly then you can visit control panel and select manage on your domain and re-check nameservers and hopefully you’ll be online in no time.


how to check if freenom already pointing my domain to the nameserver? about DNS in freenom, i already checked it. it said “Zone is not activate yet”. am i have to wait until 2days for freenom to verify the nameserver? it already 1 day passed


Your site is now pointing at the hosting, I can only assume you now are experiencing DNS resolution wait time.

Open cmd.exe via run via start on Windows or Command Prompt from the start menu if you are running Windows?

Type ipconfig /flushdns

Then exit and try to load your site.

Continue to try re-check nameservers within 000webhost.


my 000webhost still doesnt connected to my freenom site yet.


Hey dude my ISP has updated during the night and I can now view your website hopefully your local Internet Service Provider does the same :slight_smile:


yep, i just see it. already connected. its really took 2 days to get connect between my 000website with freenom site. anyway thanks for your help.:grin: