Amitbwas007 issue

**Hello, i can’t upload some of my files into my website !!

When i am trying to upload files from “Tools” to “File Manager” Then after clicking on upload it shows me “” this kind of view !! Loading and Loading !! I am facing this problem from last 2 days !! Please help me !!

My Website is:

Checking the 000webhost Discord

We see that 8 FTP nodes are down, which explains why FTP is not accessible for you.

The solution is waiting for the nodes to come back up, and using the Stable File Manager once you regain FTP access

Is there any alternative solution please? This solution is little bit hard !!

I’ll try suspending/unsuspending your websites with hope that it will be moved to a working node.

Tried the above and some others but they didn’t work. So unfortunately, the only solution is time.

Thanks !! But can you please tell me, is it possible to upload 4-5 php files by following your solution?

Yes, the Stable File Manager does allow you to upload files :slight_smile:

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