An internal error occurred. (While creating a website) [FIX IN PROGRESS]


Hello, I have an account, my domain is pointed, and my email is verified. However, when I try to create a website by choosing that option or by pressing the creation “+” I am greeted with the message “An internal error has occurred, our developers have already been notified.” What should I do from here?

EDIT: @Supun for some reason my account is on hold until it is reviewed by a moderator (I’m assuming due to the screen shot I tried to upload). Hopefully that will be fixed soon so you can see the error I am receiving. Until then, have a happy new year


Hey @leviatkins

Can you screenshot your issue?


hey there, here you go



We are really grateful for letting us know about the issue. However, it might take some time to fix this problem as our developers are off because of the new year.


I want to create a website but I cannot! When I click on create website, it says this!

An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.

What should I do?


Hey @WareNetwork2000

We are really sorry for the inconvenience in the start of new year. Please keep patience. Our developers will fix this ASAP


Okay, then! I’s early in the New Year morning! I’ll go to sleep and see if the problem has been fixed tomorrow!


This issue will be resolved as soon as it can, we will reply here when it has been fixed.


Okay, then! I can’t wait until you reply!


Im having the same problem as well. Tried to delete account and recreate account, the result is still the same.


Yeah the account creation is having issues and we are awaiting a fix to be applied by a developer it may be tomorrow we are unsure yet.


I have the same problem… It’s annoying. I had an account which worked perfectly but my contact form stopped working, so I deleted it and opened another account… And now this bs happened.


@Infinity @Supun Thank you for your replies, I am in no hurry just wanted to inform you of the issue in hopes it will be resolved soon. Happy New Years!


I m facing the same issue. Tried from different account also but i m not able to create the website.


tôi cũng cùng tình trạng giống như v


It’s working, now! Hallelujah!



Can you try now?


Still getting an ‘internal error, developers have been notified’ when I try to create a new website.



Thanks for letting us know again. It worked when our developer tried, but we will check it again :wink: