Another website with this name already exists


I have a problem. I have deleted my website. And now i would like to reinstall it again, but when I go to create new website with my previous website I got an error: “another website with this name already exists”. Can you help me? Thank you.


From how much time did you delete your website?


I deleted it about 30 minutes ago.


What is the link of the website you deleted?



I don’t think your website was fully deleted, a moderator will have to do it for you in this case (I think) :wink:


Do you know what i have to do ?

thank you


Wait some time,
Either the website will delete itself, or a moderator will check your post and help you further :wink:


@maco i see “macooutfitters” is still not available as a website name and no info is present in the database too.
May be it’s not deleted properly from the server.
I’ve have informed admin about your issue because only they can free it for you, as soon as admin reply…i’ll reply you.


@maco “macooutfitters” website has been created and is up and running.