Any cool effects to add?


Hey there,

Are there any cool effects in Zyro to make your website more lively?

kind regards,


Zyro has a lot of customization options, as I’m sure you’ve seen, so it wouldn’t be hard to find something cool. I would suggest running a Google search for cool HTML customizations, and you can drag the HTML box from the top bar under Advanced and put some code there.



But I can only find things like italics, bold or tables, which is already available in Zyro, but like hovering pictures, moving pictures… colour change within 2 seconds etc


I’ve got another problem…

The tablet size website is doing weird, because the border size is bigger than the pictures, texts etc. will adapt to… e.g. I make the text file bigger and when I go to wide screen and then back to the tablet screen they retracted…

please help me :slight_smile:


That’s all HTML stuff. The sizes are proportional, so anything you change on the wide screen or desktop will be changed on the tablet and phone versions. It’s a weird system, but the movements are independent after you make the original changes on the desktop or wide screen version.

I probably just did a horrible job at explaining that.