Any one using woo commerce pluggin here?


please is there anyone using woo commerce pluggin as my website says MySQL server not compatible


@QuinnRoyalty Can you post screenshot of your issue??



@QuinnRoyalty Go to “Settings” >> “General” >> PhpVersion >> 5.6

This should solve your issue :slight_smile:


it didn’t, instead it affects the minimum requirements for the php


@QuinnRoyalty Try the remaining php versions.

Generally it should install without any issue. Try again after clearing your browser cache and data.


have you used it on this hosting service?


nope…but i have seen users using this plugin.


wow, is making money using this free hosting service allowed?


No, but many users still use it.

000webhost is intended for learners/hobby projects, not for any business purpose.

If you want to set up wordpress based online school, then i would suggest to go for premium hosting.


Hi @QuinnRoyalty

Here at 000webhost we have only Maria DB version 10.1.20 which is same as MYSQL 5.5.30.

If you need 5.6 you have to consider VPS hosting.