Any suggestions for a suitable from hostinger package for my IoT website?

Is the hosting package from HOSTINGER able to help me, so that my website works optimally for websites that are connected to 7 sensors?. Where the sensor can send data to the database. I’ve tried using 000webhost which is the free version. But when I hosted it for only 2 days, the website was disabled because my project requires a complex database process. My website can operate properly on localhost Xampp. But when I’m hosting using the free version of 000webhost, the sensor data can’t be sent to phpmyadmin.

Here’s a system image of my project

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-25 at 03.22.37

Any plan of Hostinger allows RemoteMYSQL.

You can likely make your script work with 000webhost but it would involve PHP files to communicate with the sensors/ database in turn.

But yeah using Hostinger any plan allows you to be given remote access to MySQL/PHPMyAdmin as standard.