Apache testing123


when i open my domain it shows apache testing 123 what to do now anyone help me please…


@sandeep12407 It’s a bug, admins will fix it soon,

But for now, go to “settings” – “general” – and hit “Reset”.
Note:- Backup your data, before you hit reset.


then how will i upload again


using any ftp client like “Filezilla”, or File manager


their is no option of backup upload


Nope, Since this is a free hosing…you’ve to do it manually.


how please tell me procedure


try this,


Hi @sandeep12407!

  1. Apache / Testing 123.. is not caused by us but by .htaccess configuration. Make sure you did not applied any wrong IP configuration from 000webhost cPanel > Settings > Security

  2. Open Source Social Network eats up too much resources and because of that it is not supported on free plans. Please consider upgrading at least to a premium plan to make it work: