Application Error, help!


I installed WPTotalCache in my wordpress site, but since I activated it, it shows the following error page:
"Application error

An error occurred in the website and your page could not be displayed. If you are the website owner, check your logs for details."

I already deleted the plugin folder.
My plan is the free one.
What can I do?


Hello, your site should be working just fine now. I suggest you not use an cache plugins as they cause issues with our platform. Read this for more information.


First, thank you for you reply.
But now every demo post I have is leading to a 404 error page, and I can’t preview my themes.
What can i do?


You said you deleted the plugins folder, so trying to uninstall total cache won’t do anything (it most likely doesn’t even show up under plugins anymore).

Seeing as your site is just demo posts, would you be willing to scrap it and start over again with a fresh install?


Wait there is quick fix for this issue,
Login to your “Wordress Admin Panel”, then go to “Settings” – “Permalinks” – and hit “Save”.
This should solve your issue :slight_smile:


It worked! Thank you :slight_smile: