"Application error" Message

Hello everyone, I’m Aaron, i’m new in this forum, the reason i’m doing this post it’s because a few hours ago i tried to activate the “W3 TOTAL CACHE” Plugin on Wordpress, it turns out that something went wrong and now my website doesn’t seem to be working. The message i wrote in the tittle is the one that appears whenever i refresh the page. If anyone can help me solving that issue, i’d appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ve seen that the admins have solve things like this before, so if you can do it with my page, i’ll be thankful once again.

My website is this one: robotica-educativa-worldkey.000webhostapp.com


Aaron X.

I’ve restored your default .htaccess and removed the cache plugin folder.

Can you confirm your site is fixed or not?

Not yet, my site was back online for about 5 minutes as far as i know, but then i went to the plugins section on the Wordpress panel (left side of the screen), and the 'W3 Total Cache plugin was still there), therefore i tried to deactivate it, but the same “Application error” message appeared to me :confused: now it doesn’t work once again. Anyway, i’ll try to follow the given steps above (y)

Seems to load here if you are still having issues try CTRL + F5 to flush your browser cache.

Oh yes! :open_mouth: it is working now :+1: it’s been working for about 15min now, so i can assume that the problem is solved :slight_smile: can’t I? On future occassions i’ll be more careful about the plugins that i install u.u

Thanks a lot for the help!!!

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