Apuntar dominio ayuda!

He creado mi sitio y después seguir todos los pasos para crear un dominio gratis en freenom.
Después redireccione y cambie los DNS y en freenom la respuesta es cambios exitoso . Espere las 6 dias y todavía sigue apareciendo en mi sitio 000webhost y no el dominio que cree.

Como soluciono el problema.

Sitio: diarioautistatiochulo.000webhostapp.com

Un día me salio error 520
There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. As a result, the web page can not be displayed

The URL you’ve provided

Has no domains linked/parked within the 000webhost panel.

This means you CANNOT use Freenom to point nameservers to 000webhost or a CNAME.

You can ONLY use forwarding :slight_smile:

realizo todo los pasos y continua el problema : :frowning:

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I select Manage Freenom DNS then select use default (Freenom nameservers) andThen try making the URL forward again.and the problem continue:unamused:

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What issue do you get sorry?
Can you screenshot it or provide your URL ?

URL being?
DNS is not instant so you likely need to wait up to 48 hours for the DNS to switch back to Freenoms before the URL forwarding works?

ok i am wait for 48 hours thanks

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