Arturogrimm ftp question

I can’t access the file manager since tooday… I have tried everything, spamming continue, changing password… I need to have this done in 2 days and there is also a problem from handeling the database… I had to solve it but i cant since i cant get to the file manager. Please help me.

It is likely if you cannot access FTP there is a connection issue, you will know more by accessing an FTP client and getting a proper log printout.

530 means bad password.
Connection issues, mean there is a node down likely.

Try getting an FTP print out, if you are sure your details are correct then likely a node is facing high traffic, just wait it out.

I dont know how to do the FTP print out… I have tried to login for hours. Thought it would have solved by now. Thanks for replying so quickly

I’ve alerted developers to your issue but I think it is just high traffic sadly :frowning:

Okay, thank you. I will try to access tomorrow and see if it is solved by then.

The problem isn’t solved yet… I need to fix the issues in my site. Isn’t there anything we can do apart from waiting the problem to be solved by itself?

You could upgrade to premium where the servers aren’t overloaded but I would highly recommend just waiting out the traffic issues here.