(Ask) How to make "read more"


I’m noob so can anyone teach me how to make “Read more” in my article?
thanks in advance m8


It requires a program like wordpress, once you have wordpress, create a new post, then go to the visual tab, and you will see a thing that has a split line down the middle on the bar above the text, near the right. Put that where you want it to say read more.


You can probably create a table containing fields, id, subject and content.
Then just display the subject lines on the page and a link “read more…” to pass id=$id.
When “read more…” is clicked, the passed id value is used in mysql query to match id in the table and display the content.


Yes, but he said he was a “noob” (his words) in his first sentence, so he is not going to understand that most likely…


Oh yeah, that is right. R u using CMS to manage your articles?
If u’re only using simple HTML
just display your subject lines… and hyper link to your content page.
for example

Subject1<a href=“content1.htm”>Read More…</a><br />


Here you go, it is an easy one.

the database:

-- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
-- version 3.1.1
-- http://www.phpmyadmin.net
-- Vert: localhost
-- Generert den: 14. Mar, 2009 16:35 PM
-- Tjenerversjon: 5.1.30
-- PHP-Versjon: 5.2.8


-- Database: `toshow`

-- --------------------------------------------------------

-- Tabellstruktur for tabell `readmore`

  `title` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
  `beginningtext` varchar(250) NOT NULL,
  `everything` varchar(9999) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

-- Dataark for tabell `readmore`


require 'db_connect.php';
$mysql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM readmore ORDER BY id DESC") or die(mysql_error());
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($mysql)){
echo '<b>' . $row['title'] . '</b><br><br>';
echo $row['beginningtext'] . '<br>';
echo '<a href="news.php?id='.$row['id'].'">Read More</a><br><br>';



$dbhost = 'YOUR SQL HOST';
    $dbusername = 'YOUR SQL USERNAME';
    $dbpasswd = 'YOUR SQL PASSWORD';
    $database_name = 'YOUR SQL DATABASE NAME';

    $connection = mysql_connect("$dbhost","$dbusername","$dbpasswd")

    or die ("Couldn't connect to server.");

$db = mysql_select_db("$database_name", $connection)

    or die("Couldn't select database.");



require 'db_connect.php';

$id = $_GET['id'];

$mysql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM readmore WHERE id = '".$id."'") or die(mysql_error());
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($mysql);

echo '<h2>' . $row['title'] . '</h2>';
echo '<b>' . $row['beginningtext'] . '</b><br><br>';
echo $row['everything'];


<form action='addnews.php' method='post'>
<tr><td>Title</td><td>:</td><td><input type='text' id='title' name='title' /></td></tr>
<tr><td valign='top'>Beginning Text</td><td valign='top'>:</td><td><textarea id='post' name='beginningtext' rows='7'></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td valign='top'>The Rest</td><td valign='top'>:</td><td><textarea id='post' name='everything' rows='7'></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td> </td><td> </td><td><input type='submit' value='Post' /> <input type='reset' value='Reset' /></td></tr>


require 'db_connect.php';

if (mysql_query("INSERT INTO readmore (title,beginningtext,everything) VALUES ('".$_POST['title']."','".$_POST['beginningtext']."','".$_POST['everything']."')")) {
} else {
echo "Error!";

To add a new, just go to “add.php”

*Note this is not a tutorial of any type.


Hm, that’s very useful, nice


Thanks, tookt me 10 minutes or so :stuck_out_tongue:
But it doesn’t like show the 5 latest new, just so you are aware of it :wink:
But please, use it if you want to :slight_smile:


Thank goodness I found this thread. I would’ve gone to all the time, trouble, effort and expense of putting the portion I didn’t want to appear, in a hidden ‘div’ and having it display, when the “Read more” link was clicked. This saves me from having to write four lines of code. Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself.:rolleyes:


You know what?
I am going to make some few changes and use it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW; No problem weishun :slight_smile:

echo substr($text,0,350).'<a href="link">Read More</a>';


thanks for replying guys im sure it will be useful for others, despite it didn’t work for me:D


Thanks for giving this code, but I have one question about this, can you explain about this code? I’m newbie for that code.

Sorry for my bad language.


echo substr($text,0,350).’<a href=“link”>Read More</a>’;

substr($text,0,350) would be displaying the first 351 characters of the string $text.
<a href=“link”>Read More</a> would be display the string 'Read More, and ‘link’ the link to the full text which is $text.


Thank you… but still it didn’t work for me, btw I’m using website builder and paste the code that given, can u give me more clue on this? thanks…really appreciated


That wont work in the website builder, you have to code your code manually in php for it to work.


now i have more question then before…lol thank u Siz


I still didn’t know how to put this

echo substr($text,0,350).'<a href="link">Read More</a>';

I,m using dreamweaver btw, so could you please put more detail info on this. thanks


bump…:frowning: I’m still waiting guys


if you’re new to html and stuff, the simplest would be a simple <a href="something>more</a>
or how bout using javascript to hide the text?

<script type="text/javascript">

function toggleMe(obj,a){
  var e=document.getElementById(a),img=obj.getElementsByTagName('IMG')[0];
  if(!e)return false;
  } else {
  return false;



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