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good afternoon. I just created a free account. I’m trying to edit the dns zone of my hospegadem but I can not.
Is saying that I need to sign a plan, but in comparisons of plans the free has the right to edit the dns zone
and now? Sorry for english, I’m Brazilian.


Hi @SGN!

On 000webhost, free plans are not allowed to edit the DNS zone for parked domains. You’ll have to buy a paid plan in order to do that, sorry…


Look at the comparative of the plans. You announce that you have DNS Zone Editor. I bought my domain yesterday and I created the account with you to use this benefit of the free plan and when I configure everything I have the surprise that you can not edit, being that in the comparative of the plans it is there that you can edit yes. and now?


Free hosting has basic DNS zone editing I believe, you can change MX record yourself.

What kind of records would you like to do?

CloudFlare could probably come in as a middleman to help you?
Else you could use CNAME to point your domain and then control your DNS from the registrar



I need to edit A (Host) and SRV to configure ip and domain for teamspeak server


You cannot use A records with 000webhost sadly :confused:


You could use Cloudflare as DNS. Then link your domain to 000webhost using CNAME records. Or as @Infinity suggested: use your registrar DNS and point your domain to 000webhost using CNAME.

Please follow this tutorial to set up Cloudflare ;

Please follow this tutorial to point using CNAME: