Assistance with creating members PW protected area


Hello there and thankyou for your time in reading this/my post and for your subsequent assistance! Much appreciated!

I’m looking to create a members area on my webpage, where I can have/assign multiple usernames and passwords to an unlimited number of users, every login will go to the same page though.
I’ll explain a bit better of what I’m trying to do, I run a small computer repair company in my area and we have quite a few clients.
I want an area, that’s for members/clients, where I’ll have links to certain files my clients may need, links to help sites for popular issues they may come across, other downloads… etc etc, but like I said above, I’d like to have each client enter a password and username to get into that specific page… i.e. or something similar, I already have a navigation bar link entitled “Client Downloads Area” on my company site.

Thanks again for any help you can offer, I do understand html and how to use this cPanel and I’m technically inclined, i.e. I can follow along very easily without error… most often… hehe, If I do err, I can generally fix it fairly quickly and then keep following along. :wink:

I’d reallllllly appreciate it if you could email me, my contact page is at:
Or my email directly is: f@uknutsDOTcom or penticton@emailDOTcom
(Replace the word “DOT” with an actual dot/period, I’ve typed it this way to throw off spam-bots that crawl around looking for addresses to spam.)

Best regards, Daniel.

  1. Login and Manage Site

  1. Hit Settings then Security

  1. Add Password Protection

  1. Choose the members area directory for example

Choose your admin login and password.

Repeat process for more users :slight_smile:

Ability to remove users at any time


Thankyou very much for your assistance!

The thorough instructions with screenshots was a great help!!!

Best regards, Daniel.


Glad to be of assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch again.

Happy site building!