Availability of host services and my php site and sql db

I consider buying a payed hosting and making a web site on 000webhosting.com but my experience with a free site on which I test possibilities of a host, is very poor. Every day a few times (for a period of time) I can’t access my website, nor pictures or php programs or database. Is that problem common and how in that circumstances I can offer to my costumers use of my future site? I am impressed with simplicity of file manager, and uploading files…but that unavailability of services worries me. Can you help me in any way?

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Good day, Sir!

I understand your concerns 100%, and you may not be the only one thinking that way. However our free plans are not a snapshot of our paid plans. When you sign up at 000webhost, you don’t sign up for a “paid plan trial”. That’s a misconception probably generated by the history of how 000webhost and Hostinger have been related.

Let me get it straight: 000webhost is a company owned by another ‘mother company’, which is Hostinger. As of ~2017, 000webhost started dealing only with the free plans of Hostinger. It has been developed and optimized focusing on learning purposes, implying limits in such way that a normal website will have less chances of survival than a testing one.

Currently 000webhost only implements limits at database, space, bandwidth, and requests/CPU cycles. However the downtimes from the datacenter which occurred last month and constant scalability issues have made some of our services inaccessible for some customers, and we sincerely apologize for that.

What everyone should know is that free plans do not share the same resources with paid plans. Free plans are not located on the same servers with paid plans. Free plans are sharing a much tighter environment than paid ones do. If you want to truly test our paid plans, please purchase one of them at www.hostinger.com/go-online and if you’re not satisfied, request a refund.

Thank you for your fast and kind reply.

I have one more question: does 000webhost.com supports Codeigniter or Symfony or some other php framework. I plan to make website using codeigniter MVC framework, and I wonder is it possible on this host? Thank you in advance for your answer.

I certify that 000webhost free plans don’t officially support Laravel. We have a tutorial which explains how to deploy a project built in that framework. We may create another tutorial for Codeigniter and Symfony in future.

000webhost paid plans support all kind of frameworks as long as they do not require potential vulnerable core functions, such as exec()

I mark this as closed. If the issue is still open, please create a new topic and we’ll split it properly.