Back up file needed for me


I already registered a website of now this site has been expired and i can’t take any backup of this site. Could you please help me to send the backup file link for me.bcz that’s containing important datas of me.
Sir pls help me…expecting a favorable action from your side…


No sorry that site is not available, users were urged to backup their data over a year ago - sorry.

If you login to, at the bottom after you login you’ll see a small notice if you’ve any backed up sites, it’ll give you the option to restore them - then you can back it up.


Sir nothing has been seen…pls help me


Like I said the domain you provided doesn’t exist anymore and cannot be registered we’ve discontinued the subdomains.


Following the picture I posted above you can only restore this site:


I don’t want to registered that again.i want only that php files…


Right okay, we have no files.