Backing up my site by reading the tutorial


Since 4 days, i try to export my website but i can’t. With plugins it doesn’'t work even if try again and again, and i can’t acess to my ftp with filezilla to export my files, and with i havn’t find the solution to export files.

I have to change th domain and i can’t because the servor as problems everytime.


@scarlettgclv Don’t create multiple threads regarding same issue.

Have you tried this.

And to export your database open “PhpMyAdmin” and export your database.
To open PhpMyAdmin --> Go to Manage Database --> Manage --> Manage Database.


But when i understand it, the unzipper.php is for zip files, but how i can zip all of files of my website ?


@scarlettgclv That’s what the above tutorial is about.
Follow the tutorial properly to backup all your files and download it to your pc.