Backup your website!


This is almost a one click solution to backing up your website…


Download the script

Then using FileZilla upload the two files from the ZIP

The editor & unzipper.php files

Once uploaded you just need to visit

As simple as that!

Now we are to zip up our data and download it!

Typing nothing will then use public_html this will backup your whole website…

Depending how big your site is there could be issues here but my folder is 90mb

Success! My whole website is ready to download via browser or FileZilla!

Download the zip and keep it safe, back it up to an external HDD or store it on another device to keep it protected, email it to yourself etc!

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sir is this still working?


Yes, it is still working.



I cannot see any of the pictures on this Tutorial. Any advise pls?

Is there any other easy and explained way to backup my website?



You could try this tutorial, hope it is still working