Best resource to learn php mysql


I have no web programming experience
I want to learn php and mysql
can anybody help me
where can i find the best resources to for php and mysql



The best way to learn is to pick a CMS that you think you like and start develop a little add-on for it.


In the past I have used I believe it was.
Also good video tutorials - there are some on it for sql too I think…


Or try .


without doubt


PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson.
The official product sites are only good for reference. is ■■■■ for anything besides CSS and JavaScript.


Ya think? I’ve found it useful for, pretty much, everything they cover. Perhaps, because I’m using it as a reference, rather than “101 level” learning. They seem to have current, comprehensive, “non-partisan” coverage and I’m not aware of any erroneous information, on the site.

I don’t know what I’d suggest to someone “starting from scratch”. Trial and error isn’t the quickest way to learn but, IMNSHO, it’s the best. It depends, too, on your objective. If you want to learn “everything”, I’d think some sort of course would be best, to begin with. If you want to learn how to complete a limited number of specific tasks, I’d think, related, online forums would be best.


It will be easier to buy a good book ofcourse, but is free