Best website builder for a quick TEMPORARY website



I am going to build a website using wordpress but I need to find instructions and take some time doing that.
For reasons I do not want to get into I need to put up a temporary website that is not submitted to the search engines. I will wait until I get my wordpress website up and then submit that to the search engines.I also checked a Website builder video for help, but wasnt satisfied.
I was wondering if you think that could be useful for building a very temporary website that I could quickly dismantle once I get my wordpress site up and running?
Would there be any problems with my domain name or my host or the search engines if I did the above strategy. I just need to bounce this off of some of you to see what you think.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.


Hi @JoeClark!

It depends on what your temporary website you wish to display. If you want to be blog-style, use our Wordpress installer. If not, use our Zyor Website builder.

Both of them can be found here: 000webhost cPanel > Manage website > Build website