BitDegree Cryptocurrency Project


UPDATE: Did a quick Google search, which I should have done first! Answered my own question and figured I’d post it here. The tokens will come in the first quarter of 2018. Here’s the link to the forum post if you didn’t already regisrer for your free tokens:
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Not sure where to post this comment…

There is a new crypto-currency project called bit degree, and they said if I had an account here I would get some tokens from them. Sadly, even though I had an account I did not get an email about any tokens. Can anyone help me?

P.S. The project itself sounds really great and I’m probably going to invest in it, so I’m glad that 000webhost is partnering with them in some fashion.


Everyone was emailed before the 20th of October… it is possible since you signed up 6 days ago… you wouldn’t have got the email :stuck_out_tongue:
It still may come… maybe not fill in the form above.