Blacklisted Domain Name Link


I had an issue with getting my domain name associated with my account because it was saying it was blacklisted. That was resolved but now when I am trying to connect the domain to my website its coming back with the same error message. for some reason, I believe it is the cup that is blacklisted.


I thought an admin fixed that. Don’t worry ill contact one for you.


Yes, the original merging the domain name to my account was resolved by an Admin and it let me move it into my account. I had to wait for the Name Servers to be ready. Now trying to link the domain to the site and getting same message as before. .


I contacted the admin who is kinda my friend. unfortunately I can’t fix it for you as i’m not a staff(hope i will be soon)


Why not try pointing it to your 000webhost website?
Here’s a nice tutorial for it