Blank Page except Index


I am working on my site

It’s status is up & running but on landing on the page I get an error - There is no such website

Further, when I directly go to royalindianmail dot com I get testing page

Surprisingly, when I go to the following page royalindianmail dot com / Admin /
index page is displayed, which is correct, but when I try to navigate from this page to further pages I get blank pages as shown in the image below

I have tried to reset my account & have rebuild the entire site again, both are working fine on my local machine but when I put them online I get blank pages.

Please help.

Don’t use the reset option, your site is working fine here can you screenshot the errors?

that page shows - server returned HTTP status 500


the page shows blank when server biding is done in it, not sure what the issue is

Hello. Your website is online. The status pages you are receiving “Apache 1234” is caused by configuration inside .htaccess.

Did you add any rules to htaccess file? If yes, which ones? :slight_smile:

None, I have not even touched the file.

We’ve removed several lines from htaccess. Please clear your browser cache, browse your site and tell us if the issue has been solved. If not, please reply the exact URL on which you are experiencing the issue.

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