Blank Page When Opening My Site


I have some sort of an issue with my website, when I open it, It only shows white space, no content, elements or anything. Some assistance would be appreciated. Domain name is :


@damirmedvesek Try this,
visit /wp-content/plugins and delete the one completely that you installed to cause the error; also within public_html delete the .htaccess file via file manager/FTP also.


Well, I am unable to access anything because I only get a blank screen. Perhaps some different approach is required?


Theme issue,
Now login to your admin panel , and use different theme or install the current theme again.(i have disabled current theme to make your website work).


I followed your instructions, and fixed the theme issue. Now everything works as it used to. Many times, I get website downtime when I made changes to my site, even with the smallest changes. I hope that will resolve soon. I read your documentation about WordPress and I acknowledged why there are delays for security purposes. I hope you will see my site as not something malicious or spammy, so that certain restrictions can be removed.

Thank you for your assitance, have a good day!


@damirmedvesek This is because of the rate limiting policy,

Try to use this plugin, as it’ll help you reduce concurrent connection to mysql database and avoid downtime.

See if this helps you.