Bored from Error establishing a database connection

I’m bored from this error…every time i write 2 posts or more or modify my website i get this error then i’m keep waiting for 20 minute or more for getting my website work again
i’m tried many solution as changing database password, repair database nothing worked with me
I hope to help me

Not an error more you have exceeded the free plan sadly.

Not much you can do apart from

  1. upgrade to the unlimited premium Hostinger which is nothing like 000webhost - it has no limits, tons more features and 100% dedicated staff behind it 24/7 managed servers to help you via live chat if you had any issues.

  2. Try installing once your website has come back up from being limited - and DISABLING heartbeat everywhere.

  3. Use alternative free hosting.

is it the same limitation on premium plan?

Nope no limits on database on premium