Build A Website Easily crashes when attempting to connect


When clicking the link to “Build A Website Easily” it then tries to connect but comes back with this error: This site can’t be reached
The webpage at testing might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

My anti-virus application then also reports that the above page is infected?


You’ll have to whitelist from your antivirus :slight_smile:


If fails to connect even before the antivirus message pop up though?


I have not changed software on my end, or the website I’m working on. Everything was fine until this weekend?


When I attempt to connect to the site you even included in your response, this is the response I get from the zyro server:

This site can’t be reached
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


What antivirus do you use?


AVAST. I been using the same package for years.


AVAST, I suffered from the same error.

Head to “Exclusions” and then select URL and whitelist the zyro domain totally.

I have already reported a false positive, but the more reports the better I guess.


I can log into my webhost site ok.:

But as soon as I click to go to build my website easily site it fails.


Don’t give that link out - anyone who you give that link to can freely edit your website. (the Zyro link with the hash)


If you whitelist the and domains it should load fine.

If you find the whitelist option doesn’t work, disable “Web Shield” for 10 minutes and then try loading your site.


does it matter if the “www” or “http” is included in the exclusion? Thanks, and yes I thought I should have cut out the info past the standard url info.


Adding* and* I would also include**


With the shields off, I get this message: Sorry, our website builder is temporarily unavailable…

It’s been down for over 2 days then.


The four addresses added!


Log out of, log back in.

Hit Manage Website

Then Build Now

Your builder SHOULD now open…


Fantastic. I lost the last updates though, but at least I’m in!!!
Was there something I could have done to resolve this?


I’ve not touched anything, if you added the exception and logged out and in then all should be good and working.
If the problem presisted my next recommendation would have been to clear your browser cache, history & data then try logging in :slight_smile:


As soon as the shields came back on, the page infected message came up immediately. Doesn’t make sense since the exclusions are in place?
Both I.E. and Chrome had the same issues.


Hmm has Avast installed the extension Avast Online Security for Chrome/Edge possibly?

If disabling web shield solves the issue then something else might need tweaked in Avast,