Build website is not publishing any new changes


Until last week was able to publish any new changes I maked in my webpage using build website option.

But today I have make changes in website which are still configured as draft but are not able to be published more.

My user is



@english.like2015 I don’t see any issue while publishing content from your account.

The issue which i’ve seen is:-

As you can see, from the above image that, you’ve enabled forced redirection to “www” version, which you should not do when you’re using a subdomain(like * because this wll not load your website, but if you’ve custom domain(like then you can use this option.

I hope you got it. :slight_smile:


Could you try access to URL Its not reachable.


@english.like2015 Working fine.
Try using https.


Note:- Don’t use “www” with subdomain like “*



Even with https its time out from my laptop with WIFI.

Ok I will use a frame redirect form to which is working from cellphone if I use mobile internet.



HI @english.like2015

  • Try clearing browser cache on your laptop.
  • Try DNS Flushing
  • Use a proxy :slightly_smiling_face:



I tried all you comments me, but same no reachable result.

Please your support.



Hi @english.like2015
Your website is working fine

Try clearing your browser’s cache or use a different browser