C-Panel Login fail


Hello 000webhost Team.Im an avid user of your site until I cannot login in the C-panel, I’ve checked my credentials and all are correctly provided, but one thing is that when i tried to click the login button,I was redirected back to the login page without any error. By the way my account is just a free one, could this be because my free subscription had ended already?


No free subscription is lifetime, what error do you get?


nothing sir,ive just redirected to the login page


Can you try another browser?
I see nothing wrong with your 000webhost account xxxxxxxx@gmail.com


ive already tried another one sir, but the same thing happens,could this be a bug? ive used mozilla,IE and Chrome already


sir shall i open it as a site?or use it to login in 000webhost?


same thing happned sir,i was redirected again without errors popping up in the login page.


Weird the panel recorded that as a successful login from PH


I’ll try to login in sir tommorow, and see if its still the same


Your current IP is listed in a few spam databases, CloudFlare which is inbetween our servers and you the user sometimes denys IP addresses if they are listed in spam databases, are you able to try resetting your router to see if this clears the issue? (providing you’ve got a dynamic IP address provider and you get a fresh new unblacklisted IP)


It might be of this crappy connection provided by our brilliant ISP’s


the problem is still there sir,ive already refreshed the router


Still stuck with the same IP address it seems :frowning:

Maybe leave it off for a moment and try power cycling after it a few moments.


can the issue be solved sir if ill try to use vpn?


If you use a VPN I’ve got a high guess it will work fine since CloudFlare won’t be blocking your current IP.


okay sir ill try using a vpn