CakePHP 3.8 instalation


I have created Website using CakePHP.
When I uploaded that in my 000webhost server some image and css files are not loading?
Please help on this?

Your screenshot says 404?
Ensure the files are uploaded and in the correct directory and named properly (case sensitive)

Those are loading when work on localhost.
When its on web this error coming.
These two and some other files called by one css file and js file.

Ensure they’ve been named correctly and iuploaded?

I see no bg.png in the public_html folder and no css folder.

I’m using CakePHP for this project.
So all images will be under webroot/img/ and all css files will be under webroot/css/
Not under public_html

Well you need to move them to where the browser is calling them from, right click and inspect and double click on the 404 and it’ll give you URL where it is actually looking for it.