Calling All Beta Testers! (Hexa)


Hello 000webhost members!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve opened up early access to our new platform, Hexa Websites. Because you’re a 000webhost member, we’d like to give you free access to the platform. Currently, this is only available to you!

Hexa Websites makes it super easy to host your own website or blog with ease. It’s sort of like WordPress, but a lot better. For one, WordPress is very insecure, because of old code and plugins. We’ve made this a thing of the past. We’ve also made Hexa Websites super fast so user’s don’t experience any delays. Plus, we’ve eliminated all errors and blank screens from the platform.

Why should I switch? Great question! First off, we include hosting at no additional cost. We’ll host your website, even if you use a custom domain. Second, plugins are super easy to use. You don’t need to upload anything at all. Simply enable a plugin, fill in some info, and done!

Interested in trying Hexa Websites? Awesome! Simply, reply to this topic and we’ll PM you with some needed info. Also, let us know what plugins you’d like!

Best of Luck!

000webhost moderator / Hexa Founder & CEO


Please feel free to PM me if you are still looking for testers.