Can help me reset my email? already pass 12am it still not yet reseted


Hi, is that any possible to help me reset my email count ? i need to used email to send my generate report for my presentation ~

Thank you


What volume of emails are you talking about?


sendmail daily quota ~


You’ll need to wait for the cooldown period to relax and it will reset sorry :frowning:


it should be reset before tomorrow 10 am right ? :sob:


Maybe, it resets automatically every 24 hours on the dot.


because before this it will automatically reset after 12am. At my time zone


It seems reset no?


u try refresh it again …
gosh it increased -,-


Oh I was looking at your other website sorry; it will reset you’ll just have to wait sorry :confused:
If you need use your other account for the mailing?


If you need use your other account for the mailing? what u mean ?


You have two websites, each website has a 50 daily limit on emails, use your other one to send?


Are they have seperate email count?
Before this i have issues to send email with that aqiusingiot.000webhostapp
Then i create that new So it working.
But right not the is not working but the is working again.
So now i dont know what issues causing this. Email count exceed or mail server problem. Before this staff got tell the mail server have problem.:joy:



Seems to be you are sending more than 50 emails daily. I recommend you to upgrade hostinger to get a nice email service.

Here I didn’t get what you mean


Mail server seems fine for me, each website is limited to 50 send mail a day, there is a 24 hour reset on the limit, so it may have started at 3am and reset the next day at 3am or it could be a 11pm it started and reset at 11pm it just depends.


Ya i know there is limit 50 email daily… But is should reset on the next days right? Or after 24 hour after reach the limit.

Post before

I didnt offence or what. I know this hosting is free service and have limitations. I just want to know clearly about issues that all.


If the limit starts/resets at 9am Jan 3rd then it will reset at 9am Jan 4th.
If you breached the limit at 11am Jan 3rd then you just wait until 9am Jan 4th FOR EXAMPLE?