Can I duplicate my website?


Could you please inform me if it is possible to duplicate my website? If so, how can I do it?

The thing is: this site - Bairro Digital, that is built and online right now - was built for a Course I was taking, where I had to build a site as final project. It’s not supposed to be erased it yet.

However, I wanted to begin constructing a site of my own, more or less with the same structure of the one of the project but with a different subject.

It will be a waste of time having to do everything again, besides content of course, which is different.

Can you please help me? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thank you!
Isabel from Digital Bairro


ZIP up the files, create a new website, upload the zip, right click, extract.


Thank so much for your help!

I’m going to try to do that… I’ve never done it before… There’s always a first time!

Thank you again!
Kind regards. Isabel