Can i get http:// Ssl on my website while using a free plan?


It doesn’t seems you have setup it correctly.
Do somechecks:

  1. Remove any cache or SSL plugins.

  2. Go to phpmyadmin of your database and click on wp-options and change your site-url to

  3. In crypto tab of cloudflare set automatic http rewrites to on

  4. Set your SSL to full.

  5. Clear your browser’s cache and try again.

Reply with the results


The auto https rewrites is enabled and the urls are already hhtps://
as shown in the screenshorts bellow


i have tried using other browsers i haven’t used before and clearing cookies still the green lock is not seen
Am sorry for disturbing you guys :pray:
but its almost done


Everything is fine and there are 3 images in your wp-content folder which can’t be served over https and they are causing all the issue.
Can you remove these 3 images and upload them manually again to see if it works fine then


alright let me try it


and if it is not working still then try installing Wordpress HTTPS plugin


Hey guys everything seems to be ok after installing Http plugin but i have discovered what is disabling the green lock on the Homepage and the About pages
It is the elementor editor but i’m not sure whether i need to first uninstall it and install it again because the two pages i designed using elementor can’t display green lock while all the others can
Any Opinion :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

You can try it but first make whole backup and then try removing the elementor and see if page also get removed or not


The pages remains but diables all the templets by elementor


Ohh then you can’t remove it unfortunately if you want to keep those pages


So what do you think i can do to keep it running together with the green lock :slight_smile:


what are the links of pages build with elementor?


and do one thing go to tools in elementor plugin in wordpress dashboard and make sure you have updated your site to https there also


One of them is

And when i did the procedure above it now brings Error 524


It is working fine on my end without any error


ok but shows no green lock


Okay then i think i have to take a personal look :confused:
Change your wordpress credentials to temporary and send them to me if you are okay with it


Thanks so much @Ayu, @ckhawand and other MY SITE is now running smoothly secured with a green lock after your help and changing elementor to Beaver builder
am very happy now :slightly_smiling_face::hugs: