Can I keep old ".comli" domain?


My (site) went down with the May 1st transition… can I keep that comli domain name instead of having to switch to ???

On Set Website Address, I try to write my old subdomain and it says “subdomain already taken”. How should I proceed? I can’t delete my old subdomain or anything so that it becomes free…


@serchup1 Yes you can have your “” free subdomain on new panel. But you can get rid of * url…its common for every use, to instantly go live.

Firstly verify your email on the new panel.(as available on old panel.)

Then Go to “Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Free Sub Domain” – Type “yoursite” and select “” from the drop down.


The thing is, when I do that I get a “subdomain already taken”, which suggests I must delete it with my old cpanel or something (which I can’t do) previous to setting it on “set web address” with the new one.


@serchup1 what is your free subdomain??
What is your old panel email??
Is old panel and new panel email same?


My free subdomain is
To be honest, I don’t remember the email address I used to register it. Is there a way you can tell me?
My new cpanel is


@serchup1 Email related to your free subdomain “” is

If you have access to the above email then verify it and you’ll be able to link your free subdomain.


Thanks, now I can access that account, but it automatically gets me into the old cpanel (even though I log in from the new looking login). Should I delete that account using the old cpanel and then register again? Would then my subdomain be free so that I can register again from the new one? Thanks again! You’re being very helpful


@serchup1 You need to migrate to new panel.

If you have any issues…post back.


Hello, I’m not sure which panel I’m on but it looks very new and I’ve lost all stuff. I’ve reuploaded the backup and now is working but there is still “need to be migrated” on hkmaly.comli and I don’t see any “Free Sub Domain” in “Set Web Address” - just park domain and point domain.

How can I get hkmaly.comli back to work?


Please read this


Does it mean that will now forever point to the “need to be migrated” page because I missed the 20th of July deadline for the migration?


Yes, anyway, those subdomains will be removed completely in the near future :slight_smile: