Can I open multiple account in 000webhost?


According to FAQ, we can create multiple accounts.

But I want to be sure for the following scenario:
I want to run two websites from 000webhost free service. Since free service allows only one domain per account. Can I make two accounts from 2 emails and run 2 websites from 000Webhost free service?


Free service allows 2 domains from 1 account afaik
Click the big + button in website list


Couldn’t find ‘+’ button in my account. Could you please help me?


That + button when you open your control pannel


1 - Visit

2 - Use a different or create a new email address compared to one used before on 000webhost

3 - Create a new account on 000webhost

4 - You now can create new websites and upload your data again

Any issues do reply or private message me.


No such interface in mine. May be this is new CPanel.


Are you sure we can make multiple accounts from different email? I fear I may get banned.
Also, isn’t there a way to shift to new CPanel without creating another account?


As far as I know you can, yes there is a migration process on the way automatically but it is slow.

There is a manual process; it doesn’t always work.

  1. Login to your old panel
  2. Go to migration page and proceed move account details.
  3. You will be able to login to old panel and new panel at the same time (Email address must be the same)
  4. Backup files to your computer via FTP
  5. Backup database to your computer via PHPMYADMIN
  6. Create new website in new panel
  7. Upload files and databases to new website.
    – Use file manager in Upload files section, How to upload files to 000webhost?
    How to create a MySQL database on 000webhost.
    How to Import MySQL Database on 000webhost
  8. Use old domain for your new website (Set Web Address section)
  9. Additionally, recheck if your website had cronjobs, redirects, password protected folders, IP deny rules, hotlink protections and setup it on new panel if needed.
  10. Setup mail forwarders if you use custom domain. This tutorial should help you out
  11. Setup subdomains. Check previous section Major changes between two system
  12. If everything is working correctly, terminate your old account and enjoy the new panel!


When I login to new CPanel, it redirects me to same old CPanel. :frowning:


Must already been in the queue so I’d open a new account different email in the meantime.