Can not access my account

HI. Pls help me. I can’t log into my 000webhost account. I haven’t logged in my account for a long period of time. I asked for resetting password email but it didn’t arrive. My email address associated with my account is
I need my files because I don’t have any backups for them, those are the only copies I have. I don’t know why you closed my account. I just need my files to be downloaded.

I just need my files. After I have an access to my files to download them you can do whatever you want with my account.
Please respond me ASAP. It’s very crucial for me.
Thank you for help in advance. was deleted September 2020 for user inactivity.
Users must login once per month to avoid inactive user deletions.
We do not keep backups, users are responsible for this.
Feel free to make a new account and keep regular backups and activity to avoid this in the future.