Can not connect to ftp server

I have no idea why but in the last 24 Hours i cannot connect to the FTP server, i tried both with the browser (to from the redirect), and with lftp and no luck.

Hello, FTP is working for your site.

Could you please try again and reply the entire log?

thanks for the quick respond.
I tried now to open hotspot and i was able to connect, needless to say that the regular network works fine (also tried to change DNS but didnt solve)
Have any idea why?

In this case you can try simply rebooting your home router, if not at home please contact your network administrator.

Failing this try using alternative DNS -

If you can’t or this doesn’t resolve it - look at Windscribe VPN.

Let me know what is going on after trying these options if you can

After reset of the router and even as far as release and renew the wan lease and changing the dns to still no results…
any other ideas? vpn is less of an option for me

Maybe try contacting your network administrator or ISP if using VPN/proxy is not an option.
Failing that try other free hosting.

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