Can NOT disable branding


Can not disable branding. Brand new site! Just to tinker with. Deleted and vreated new account.
Just wanted to do this, sorry.
Not worth buying a new account for this. Plus I do not agree to Hostinger terms of service which halts.

Can you disable branding please? Never parked a domain tho.


Hello, Branding can only be disabling if you’ve purchased and connected a domain from Hostinger. Sorry about that.


Hey I dont have any money nor do i want anything to do with credit cards and things of the like. May someone purchase me a domain? Else please jist disable the branding. I dont care


Can I ask why you need the branding disabled? This is a free hosting service, so it is expected to have branding on your site. :slight_smile:


Purchasing a 99c domain via 000webhost, or upgrading to premium hosting removes branding :slight_smile: