Can not log into account. How to change credentials

I am new here. I have not accessed my account in since March. I have tried accessing it today and it’s advising “Log in details are not correct.” How do I fix this or reset this? I have read through the topics. I am unable to download and paste nothing because I cant even get in to file manager at all. I have done a password reset on the firestor webpage and still unable to gain access. What exactly do you do in this case? Is the answer synonymous to every person that has asked for help? Does this happen all the time? Should I be concerned?

@bmnrokuchannel From the logs I see your last account login was successful today.
Are you still facing the same or i’m missing anything.

Update: Presently one of our FTP node is down which is the root cause of this issue.
Admins are aware of this issue and will be fixed soon.
Sorry of the inconvenience caused.

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