Can’t migrate account nether site


I can’t access to new members area to migrate my site.

If I go into the link:

And sigIn:

It redirects me to the old members’ area.


Use this for help


Follow the tutorial as above.

Login to old panel, backup data, use account move details, hit enter cPanel on your account, all the way down and delete the site/account, now hit your name under customer details on empty account list page on right hand side, delete profile.
You’ll be logged out, log back in using same email and password and new panel appears, create FTP username/password then set web address to choose same subdomain, File Manager to upload files.


Thanks a lot! After I remove the old site I created a new one and back up all the files
and mysql tables.

What I couldn’t found is the new mysql_host of the site.

The one I had before was “” but now I can’t figure out the
new one.

In manage Databases it says “” but I can’t
localize the host nether in settings.


Host is now localhost :grin:


One last question… How do I add the www option into the domain name settings?


You can add www only by parking a domain from a registrar like or etc.