Can´t reach my Website


Hello, today I created a User and I wanted to build a Website with Wordpress.

At first I installed wordpress that also worked.

The next step was to visit the wordpress settings

But after a few minutes I got the error 505 Bad Gateway.

I don´t Know what to do.

I also can´t reach
this link

or the free subdomain

Have someone an idea.



If you have not made any content yet, you can delete all files via FTP or File Manager, and then try reinstalling it.

This works too :slight_smile:


Hit general settings, at the bottom hit delete and remake it - should work second time around else do reply :slight_smile:


Thx for answer.

Now I deleted everthing and created a new site

but I have the same problem.

Should I Create a new user?


How are you installing WordPress? I always recommend a manual installation.


But way I can´t reach this link

After installation I see the folder from Wordpress in the public HTML folder



I installed it with the button in Build site


You can hit Infinity then message and send me your details & I’ll install WordPress fresh for you or you can follow this tutorial:


that would be great :blush:
Can I write you a private message with my Username and Password?



Yeah shoot away :smiley:


I can´t find the button for private messages :sweat:


You should have one from me now.


Issue sorted. :1234: