Can’t reatch my website without https Getting Started


I removed the post, but I had said that the domain won’t load for me either - with or without WWW. Are you sure the CNAME records are intact?

Also, you are using Wordpress, right? Maybe you installed too many plugins?


I can’t post two images


#10 returns Error 500 after one minute of loading.

What plug-ins do you have installed in Wordpress?


If i turn off the “cloud” icon from orange to gray in cloudflare DNS it starts working again… I’m trying to reatch my website to write u how many plugins I have, but there’s few…


You have the Cloudflare plugin installed - try to get rid of it, that may be causing the problem. Also, make sure your SSL setting is on Flexible, and get rid of the cache plugins you have. They just overload our server.


Also, delete the .htaccess from /public_html


Perfect! Your website loads fine now! (clear your browser cache if not so; this will clear active logins as well)

Re-activate the orange clouds, clear your browser cache (will clear active logins as well), navigate to and follow what @sulliops said :wink:


@NGiNX yes i did delete them now. Maybe this will help… And now it’s working because I turned off the “cloud” icon from orange to gray in cloudflare DNS menu…

I’m trying to fix this problem like for a week now…


I hate that it’s taken this long to fix, but after you remove those plugins, you should be fine.


OK now i deleted all the plugins You said and turned on the “cloud” icon in cloudflare DNS from gray to orange and will check if it works.


Please do so. Otherwise it will interfere with WP Admin Panel.


And what about this section? If I want to use SSL should i leave it like that or should I use http:// kioskas .ga instead? (w/o https://)


Don’t put https:// Leave it like this:

Automatic HTTPS can be configured from Cloudflare.


OK now I have other issue. When i’m trying to reatch my webpage. Not all the pictures are shown because “it’s not safe” WHY IT’s SO FREAKING HARD WITH THOSE SSL?!


Please go to Cloudflare cPanel > Page rules > Add rule > For http://** set rule Always use HTTPS

Then clear your browser cache and try again.


Now it doesn’t load at all. :smiley: OMG i’m going to explode… I think I will give up on this thing.


No need to.

Do you have Team Viewer installed?


Problem solved.

@SkinBom for more information about MySQL limits please see this topic: